Importance Of Optimum Lighting

Light is a medium that contains energy as photons and it is astoundingly powerful when it comes to influencing living organisms. In fact, sun is the universal energy source for our planet and all the energy we use can be traced back to the sun eventually. We already know that light can influence the rate of plant growth, but there’s a lot more to it. 
The visible light is just a small part of the light spectrum and there are various other lights of varying wavelengths. Also, we see the colors that we do because the object reflects that particular color and absorbs all others. This is why plants are green, because they reflect the green light instead of absorbing it.
UV light & Us
UV rays are also a part of the light spectrum. Most of it is reflected back by the ozone layer and the remaining UV consists of three bands. UVC is dangerous to us while UVB and UVA are responsible for the synthesis of vitamin D, that nice tan we all love, regulating the release of certain hormones and participating in bone formation as well as calcium formation. 
UV light is absorbed through the skin and eyes, so you shouldn’t shy away from it completely. However, those who have gone through laser surgeries need to use sunglasses when it’s bright outside. This is because their corneas are thinner therefore, excess UV may enter your eyes and damage the retina, if you don’t block them out with sunglasses. Also, whenever you go to the beach, make sure you wear sunglasses because the water and sand reflect a lot of UV light. 
You’ll notice that people living in the snowy climate usually have a tan on the front of their neck due to the UV reflected off the snow.
One of the most common and very important questions that arise is “What is the best reading light?” 
Well, our eyes have been designed to cater to the natural light inclusive of the entire spectrum of colors, stimulating your cones as well as the rods. However, you can’t have daylight all the time and most of us read indoors or at night time. You can carry out reading under artificial light sources that reproduce the daylight artificially. These light sources include wide-band fluorescent, 7 phosphor wide-band fluorescent and filtered tungsten or halogen light. All these artificial light sources have a color spectrum that is very much similar to daylight and you can carry out your reading, alongside other activities requiring up close visual focus under these optimum light sources.   
The idea is to introduce these optimum artificial natural light sources in your home. After thorough searching, the best light bulbs we’ve found so far are from Solux and these halogen spot-lights are the closest artificial lights you can get to daylight at noon. 
Also smart LED light fixtures where you can control not only the intensity but also the color temperature of the light. Check out
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