Why Haven't I Heard About This Before?  

Surprisingly, training your eyesight for vision improvement isn’t something new. It has been used since the early 1900's. 
It all started when Helmholtz published his paper about accommodation and lens focus in 1885. According to Helmholtz, when the eye needs to focus on something close by, the ciliary muscle surrounding the lens contracts, causing the lens to expand. An expanded lens can focus on nearby objects. 

What is wrong with the picture that Helmholtz painted for us all those years ago? It assumes that when the eye focuses, only the ciliary muscle is involved in the process. 
Let us look at something like walking. A combination of muscles work together to make it possible for us to walk. Not only are the muscles help you move, they are also maintaining your balance while you do. 
All the activities are coordinated by the brain, which controls the various muscles by signaling them when to contract or relax and for how long. 

Evidence-based medicine practiced by the optometrists and eye doctors requires the use of tested and scientifically proven procedures. Most such procedures, including the use of glasses and contact lenses, are for treating the symptoms.  They don’t correct your myopia. 
An industry, such as the optic industry, which came into being during the mid 1800s, will do all it can to keep from being shut down. Imagine what a cure that doesn’t involve glasses, lenses, or surgery, would mean for this multi-billion dollar industry! 
There is constant improvement when it comes to the products sold by this dollar. For instance, when contacts were introduced in the 1950's, they weren’t anything like the ones we see today. The first soft contact lenses didn’t even make an appearance until 1971. It took the world to enter 1999 before LASIK Laser surgery for myopia could be approved. 

It took a whole lot of money to be poured into advertising and promoting these products to an unsuspecting public. People who didn’t know any better read in magazines about the latest optical wonder. Why would people who have been earning big money off the backs of people’s myopic condition want things any other way? 

Vision training recommends itself for various reasons:
  • It is based on keeping your eyes healthy and not application of a cure
  • It can be practiced at home
  • You can do it on your own
  • It involves minimal amount of money
  • Once perfect eyesight is achieved, you won’t be spending any more money on optical solutions
  • It doesn’t have any side effects, unlike laser surgery
  • Its effects will last for as long as you maintain your normal eyesight unlike the temporary results of laser surgery
  • It removes the necessity of most types of eye surgeries

If you were wondering why you hadn’t heard all this before, that is an easy guess. Attending one visual training workshop would have you throwing your glasses away!
Leo Angart



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