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More about the Bates Method

Peter Mansfield in his book “The Bates Method” (1998) introduced Dr Bates this way. The primary tool of Dr. Bates research was the retinoscope, an instrument of elegant simplicity, which allows direct assessment of refraction of the eye. The instrument was coming into regular clinical use while Bates was a student. He was intrigued by the possibilities of this new tool and made it his specialty. Bates was particularly interested in observing animals, children and adults, in normal activity in daylight, as opposed to the artifi- cial surroundings of the consulting room. As his observations continued he began to suspect, then became certain, that the eyes of people seeing normally behaved differently from those who saw abnormally. Further more, whether the vision was on the whole normal or not, the refraction of the eye was constantly changing. Bates then realised that the changes reflected, among other things, the state of mind of the subjects, so the vision would always be n

More about fluorescent lights

Fluorescent light tubes was introduced by General Electric at both the New York and San Francisco World Fairs in 1932. Compact Fluorescent Light CFL was also developed by General Electric in 1973, but the 25 million dollars needed the build a factory was considered too expensive at the time so it was not produced outside the laboratory. The design was eventually copied by others. In 1995, helical CFLs, were manufactured in China and became commercially available. Since that time, their sales have steadily increased.   In 2005 the EU began phasing out incandescent light bulbs in favour of CFL’s the US followed in 2014. The rationale is energy sawing since the CFL are using less energy than the old-fashioned Edison incandescent lamp. However, the newer solid state Light Emitting Diodes L.E.D. technology is far more energy efficient. L.E.D lights use 80% less energy and has a lifespan approaching 40 years of continuous use and has no mercury. Naturalness of fluore