Principles of Vision Training

Principles of Vision Training
When it comes to vision training, not all optometrists seems to be on the same page about it. It is admittedly baffling and for many, it is an inference that could make them go out of business. Hundreds of near sighted patients including children are restoring their natural eyesight and omitting their dependence on glasses totally. 
Near sightedness or Myopia is an incredibly common medical problem that causes the patient difficulty in seeing objects at a distance. Data shows that the incidence of Myopia has increased in the past few decades. In the 1970s, only 25% of the population had Myopia. But now, about 42% myopics exist. 
Myopia is a leading vision problem

Myopia can be genetically determined or environmentally determined. Heredity plays an essential role. If the parents have myopia, then the children are at a high risk of inheriting the condition as well. 
Additionally, children who spend long durations of time engaged in near sighted activities like reading or using any hand held smartphone tend to be at a higher risk of developing myopia. Up close learning is one of the main reasons that myopia is sky high in Asia. A staggering 80% of the Asian population is myopic.
Is there a permanent way to fix myopia?

It doesn’t matter how you became near sighted because there is a permanent way to fix it and it’s not eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgical treatment. Vision training is a 100% natural way to improve your visual skills and correct the vision problems including myopia. It is also a lot better alternative to prescribed lenses. Let’s take myopia again for example. 
Myopia actually worsens for near sighted children. This explains why they need to get heavier and more powerful lenses every year. Our eyes are incredibly adaptive organs. They have the ability to adapt to prescribed lens. Therefore, if the prescribed lenses are not on point, causing your eyes to carry out the accommodative work in order to see clearly through the glasses, then your eye sight is actually getting worse in lieu of adapting to the ill prescribed lens. 
Understanding vision training

Our vision is a product of many factors including our energy level, ambient light in the environment, time of day and how tired we are. Do not fatigue your eyes by staring idly into computer or phone screens because fatigued eyes don’t function well and eventually results in myopia. Our eyes allow us to see because of the constant work being done by our ocular muscles inside and outside the eye. These muscles are controlled by the brain. Vision training is similar to physiotherapy because it is essentially an exercise regime for the eye. 
When you exercise, you carry out structured, repetitive movements to condition a certain part of your body which could be the eye and its muscles just as well. However, vision training is a precision based program. It focuses on the ocular muscles that need to be trained only, due to its specificity. It provides an overload to the muscle that needs to be developed and train its adaptive responses. There is also a recovery period in vision training so you can rest your eyes so the body can adapt from the ocular exercise. Over time, you can develop a greater range of movement in the eye too!
If you want to improve and restore your natural vision, then vision training is just what you need. It entails a set of exercises that can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime.
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