Clear Eyesight Naturally - Is It Possible?

Vision Training:  The Answer to Regaining Your Eyesight Naturally 

It might be argued that our eyes are the most precious organs out of all the other organs. If that is so, then we should take good care of them. However, with the amount of strain that we put on these orbs on a daily basis, good care becomes difficult. 
Often, our neglect can result in weakened eyesight, which we then try to correct with contacts or glasses. We use the word correct lightly here because glasses and/or lenses do not take away the problem. They are aids that help you see while your eyesight remains as weak as it was before. 
What other options do you think you have for vision correction? What if we told you that there are eye exercises that you can try to make it happen? What if we told you that these eye exercises actually work!
The following are just a few examples of the exercises that can help you regain your eyesight naturally:

Our eyes are under a lot of strain when we are focusing on something. In such situations, we can forget one important thing that can help relax them: blinking! This is especially true for people who have to use the computer for extended periods or watch a lot of TV.
The point of this exercise is simple. Blinking makes your eyes go into a period of darkness. No matter how small that period is, blinking removes the information previously registered by your eyes. It is like wiping an overcrowded slate clean and relaxes your eyes.
Blinking also helps us gauge other people’s intentions. If someone is in a quarrelsome mood and you are the focus of their attention, they will stop blinking. Looking at you intently so that they can focus their aggression on you will give them away. Thus, blinking or the absence of it also has a role in communication. 
In order to blink as an exercise, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit and settle down in it
  1. Try to blink after every 3 – 4 seconds for the next 2 mins.
  1. Next, try blinking for 30 seconds every time and keep doing so for two minutes.
  1. Find a comfortable place to sit and settle down in it
  1. Breathe deeply several times to relax yourself.
  1. Lean forward in a way that your elbows rest on your knees. 
  1. Now, close your eyes.
  1. Cover each eye with the cup of your palm. The fingers should be positioned on your forehead while the heel touches your cheekbone. 
  1. Find a comfortable place to sit and settle down in it
  1. Next, mimic the action that you would perform, if you were asking a car passing by you on the road for a ride
  1. Stretch your arm and let your eyes remain on your thumb
  1. Maintain your focus as you start bringing your thumb closer to you. Keep at it until your thumb is 3 inches away from your face.
  1. Start moving your digit away again while your eyes focus on it and your arm becomes fully outstretched.
  1. Repeat several times a day.

As you perform the first part of the exercise, your eyes will start feeling less strained. By the time you do the next step, your eyes would be much more relaxed.

This William H. Bates M.D. exercise can help take away some stress that your eyes must be under after heavy computer usage or some other eye straining work.
Here’s what you need to do:
That is all you have to do! It might not feel like much but once you start performing this exercise, you will see the difference it can make. Your day will be much less stressful!

What purpose does this exercise serve? It makes your eye muscles work so their flexibility will improve. All you need to do for this exercise is try to draw a giant figure of eight with them. You should be looking at a spot that is 10 feet in front of you. 
Once you are done tracing the figure, do the same thing but this time, turn it on its side. Practice drawing each type of figure in turns and change after every few minutes. 

An easy exercise that you can do very quickly, zooming can help make your eyesight better:
Your eye muscle strength and the ability to focus will both become stronger with zooming.

Want to know about regaining your eyesight naturally? Then you might want to register for my workshop! 

Leo Angart


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